Crush the garlic and chop sour cream. You can add a little water or wine, then rub the whole block of ice crushed zelenyu.Massazh need to measure - no more than 4-5 minutes at a time. Making it more convenient plastic bottle filled with water and zamorozhennoy.192.30 - Birch Leaf - 1 hour, and the fruit of juniper - 1 hour, 1 York, the madder roots - 2:00 pour teaspoon glass mixture cold water, and claim 10 hours, boil 5 minutes, drain. Take 03/01 to 04/01 cup 3-4 times a where can i buy viagra professional day with kidney stones. But as in the previous recipe. 16.8. - is used as a means of foreign alkoxide with acacia root and rheumatism and thrombophlebitis inflammation. Excellent agreement eliminates the swelling of veins. painful necessity to moisten and rub generously points. - Good performance in arthritis and inflammation of the root, with arthritis and diseases of the joints to give rub medicinal plants in the application root in Adam, which is scientifically "tamusa root" appelé.18.30 - hawthorn flowers - 3 pm, grass motherwort - 3 hours and grass.