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    Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

    Although surely the first thing on the list when planning a tourist trip to the capital of Rio de Janeiro is from its beaches, this city is a cosmopolitan city, which in recent years is immersed in a gigantic process of transformation and modernization, so the list of sightseeng in Rio de Janeiro can be almost endless.


    A lot to see and for all preferences

    The best way to take a first pulse of the city is to take a quiet walk along the shore (promenade) of Copacabana beach. Athletes, walkers, pareo vendors and tourists from all over the world are confused in this scenario that seems taken from a travel postcard. Try a delicious caipirinha in one of the beach kiosks, it is the perfect way to start an unforgettable vacation in Rio de Janeiro and at the same time feel like a carioca.

    But beyond its famous beaches, there are many places to visit in Rio de Janeiro, each beautiful and amazing. Of course it is impossible to start a tourist trip, especially if it is the first, for something other than a visit to the amazing Christ the Redeemer of Corcovado, the most famous Art Deco sculpture in the world and one of the highest viewpoints in the city, continuing of course with the Pan de Azúcar and its, no less famous, panoramic “bondinhos” (cable cars).

    However, there are many other places of interest that have become symbols of Rio de Janeiro, a city where historic buildings live in harmony with modernity, as evidenced by the Rio Art Museum, which integrates a stately mansion English with a modernist design building.

    The downtown district and the port area, host most of Rio’s historical monuments such as the Imperial Palace, the Municipal Theater, the Lapa Arches or the Candelaria Church, but also there are the main museums and cultural centers, such as the National Museum of Fine Arts, the National Historical Museum or the Banco de Brasil Cultural Center.
    Another fantastic way to see the city and the bay of Guanabara, from different perspectives is to visit the forts and fortresses installed along the coast, which for centuries served as defensive bastions to protect one of the most important ports of the new continent. Although the best known and most visited is the Fort of Copacabana, the Fort of Leme or Duke of Caxias has a privileged location and offers wonderful views.

    And, when deciding which places to visit in Rio de Janeiro, you cannot leave behind its extensive green areas, many of which, such as the Botanical Garden, Dois Irmaos or the Floresta da Tijuca, are part of the landscape urban city and are incomparable places to take a really direct contact with the varied flora and fauna of Rio.
    But since it is not always possible to see everything because vacation time is limited, in Imagina RiodeJaneiro we have made a selection of the unmissable places of Rio de Janeiro, those tourist places that can not be missed when you visit the “Wonderful City” by first time.

    Main tourist places of Rio

    The ones you can't miss Rio de Janeiro

    The ones you can’t miss

    Rio de Janeiro stands out not only for its great natural wealth but also because it is home to major world-famous tourist landmarks. There is much to see and do in the «Wonderful City.» These are the definitely unmissable places. Read more »

    Neighborhoods Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro


    Like any big city, the famous “Wonderful City” has several different faces and full of contrasts. These faces are represented by their neighborhoods, some of which, either by their own characteristics or by their tradition, history or special location. Read more »

    Monuments Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro


    Most of the most important monuments of Rio de Janeiro began to be built during the nineteenth century coinciding with the arrival of the Portuguese crown to the city that brought with it a great urban development and culture. Read more »

    Beaches Rio de Janeiro


    In Rio de Janeiro there is a great variety of beaches and for all tastes. The most famous are undoubtedly the beach of Ipanema and Copacabana, whose promenade with its undulating black and white shape, is recognized worldwide. Read more »

    Parks and green areas Rio de Janeiro

    Parks and green areas

    Few cities as large and as populated can boast as many green areas as Rio de Janeiro, but not only that, it is not just a city with many parks or gardens, but rather a city in the middle of a jungle. Read more »

    Museums Rio de Janeiro


    To the existing classical museums of Rio de Janeiro, new buildings are now added, such as the Museum of Tomorrow and the Museum of Image and Sound that aim to modernize the image of the city and expand its icon gallery. Read more »

    Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Cultural centers

    Rio de Janeiro is a city with a great artistic and cultural life. The offer of exhibitions, concerts, theater and other events is very varied and is aimed at all audiences. A perfect option to complement a rainy day. Read more »

    Forts Rio de Janeiro


    Today it is possible to visit several of the forts and fortresses of Rio de Janeiro that were built to defend the entrance of the Guanabara Bay, constituted as a strategic point for the defense of the territory. Read more »


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