The city of Rio de Janeiro

Vista aérea del Cristo Redentor del Corcovado la ciudad de Rio de Janeiro

Who has not ever gone to a travel agency and has encountered a huge photo of the iconic Christ the Redeemer and then has not been able to avoid dreaming of visiting the city of Rio de Janeiro, one of the most famous places in the world. Image of a tropical paradise since the first Europeans arrived on its shores more than five centuries ago, Rio de Janeiro is synonymous with sun, beaches, beautiful women, carnival and of course football.


Rio de Janeiro, a city that fascinates

With almost seven million inhabitants, Rio de Janeiro is the second most populous city in Brazil, however despite this great density the greatest attraction it offers is still its incredible nature. Sea, beaches, mountains and rainforests form a dazzling landscape that is intertwined with man-made icons such as the Cristo del Corcovado or the Sugarloaf viewpoint, making it the symbol of the «tropical dream», in the eyes of the entire world.

From the first moment that the visitor contemplates for the first time the city of Rio de Janeiro, he is captivated by its beauty and that special charm, which although it is not easy to define with words, which he falls in love with. Not without reason has won the name of Wonderful City and has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

There are many who choose to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro every year and their motives are varied. And it is that in a single place you can find everything for all tastes. Because Rio is a destination of sun and beach, but also of art, culture, history, rest, adventure and of course, music!

The largest urban jungle in the world

Who has never visited Rio de Janeiro, cannot fully understand what it means for the city to house the largest urban jungle in the world. The lush vegetation and the green mountains that dot the urban scene – and here they are known as hills -, make us wonder if man has not unduly invaded a nature that should remain eternally untouched.
The Atlantic Forest, or if you prefer, the rainforest, is part of the daily life of the Cariocas, so much that it is not known if the city of Rio is in the jungle or if the jungle has decided to move to the city!

You don’t have to go far to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. A few minutes of travel is enough to be surrounded by trees that can reach 40 meters high and infinity of climbing plants or, cross with curious monkeys-marmosets, toucans or jacarés, which have once again inhabited the territories that previously belonged to them exclusive.

A city of infinite summers

The climate of Rio de Janeiro is a delight for lovers of the sea, sun and water sports, warm temperatures almost throughout the year, make the city a place of endless summers.

But there are not only wonderful beaches in the city of Rio de Janeiro, but also in its surroundings. Places like Buzios or Isla Grande, offer kilometers and kilometers of wonderful coasts, calm seas and others not so much, perfect for water sports such as surfing.

But the beaches of Rio are not attractive just because of their sea, they are meeting points where locals and strangers mix without prejudice to exercise, sunbathe or play some of the famous beach sports such as futevoley, or volleyball without hands, made in Rio. If there is a place where anyone can feel carioca, that is on the beaches of Rio.

Unique events

Any time is the best time to visit the city of Rio de Janeiro. No matter the time of the year the city is visited, there will always be hundreds of activities to do and places to see.
However, the city dresses up when it comes to celebrating one of the most famous events in the world and for which it is unquestionably known: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. A unique party that exceeds any expectation.

But Carnival is not the only major event in Rio de Janeiro. His famous Reveillon or New Year’s Eve Party is another experience impossible to describe. To welcome the new year, contemplating the spectacular fireworks from the sands of Copacabana beach, while everyone dances to the rhythm of the Samba, is to spread that much-loved joy of living in the Cariocas.

More than music and beach

But the city of Rio de Janeiro is more than party, music and beach. Its traditional neighborhoods such as Lapa or Santa Teresa invite you to travel through time and still allow you to guess the splendor that the city had during the imperial era.

For its part, just a brief walk through more modern neighborhoods such as Copacabana and Ipanema is enough to understand why Rio became during the 50s the favorite destination of the rich and famous.

During a trip to Rio de Janeiro you can not miss the visit to one of its most important museums and cultural centers that not only show the past of the only American city that was the capital of a European kingdom, but also promote and disseminate the new artistic creations, offering exhibitions and cultural events for all tastes.
Rio de Janeiro, cradle of a great passion

If there is a passion that unites all Brazilians and of course, the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, that is the passion for football. Impossible to be in the city and not to visit its impressive Temple of Soccer, the modernized Maracanã Stadium, to watch a game here, no matter what teams they face, is something that does not compare to anything.

A city for everyone

A multicultural and contrast city, but above all, full of friendly people willing to welcome anyone with open arms, that’s Rio de Janeiro. A city with a great history and tradition, but at the same time modern and in a continuous process of change, which makes its way despite the difficulties, always with a big smile.

Rio de Janeiro, simply a Wonderful City!

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