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    Rio de Janeiro beaches

    One of the things that the city of Rio de Janeiro is best known for is its beaches. The image of beautiful women and sculptural men sunbathing and practicing some sport in the fine white sand, has gone around the world and has made Rio become a destination desired by sun and sea lovers.


    The beaches of Rio, among the most famous in the world

    Many are the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and there are for all tastes. The most famous are undoubtedly the beach of Ipanema and Copacabana, whose promenade with its undulating black and white shape, is recognized worldwide. These beaches are where more people gather in a fantastic mix of color, light, music and joy.

    But in addition to these two beaches, there are others that fit all tastes. If what you are looking for is a small, quiet and easily accessible beach, Vermelha beach at the foot of the Sugar Loaf is the right one. Leme beach is perfect for bodysurfing, or to see others practicing it from their fishermen’s walk.

    For its part, the waves of the sea in Arpoador are good for surfing, although if this beach is famous for something it is for being the must-see appointment every day at dusk. From the top of the huge stone of Arpoador (you have to go in time to get a good place) you have fantastic views of the sunset, which in summer is hidden behind the Dois Irmaos hill creating a combination of beautiful lights and shadows.

    In the southwest part of the city, there are the largest beaches in Rio de Janeiro and with the cleanest water. These beaches are already out of the bay and face the open sea so they are the best for those who want to surf their waves, although São Conrado is also the meeting point for those who want to fly in hang gliding or paragliding.

    The beaches of Barra da Tijuca and especially that of Recreio dos Bandeirantes, are far from the tourist circuits of Rio de Janeiro but their great waves are highly appreciated by locals who visit them mainly during weekends. During the weekdays they are calm and almost lonely beaches, perfect for those who want to get away from people a little.

    Main beaches of Rio de Janeiro

    Copacabana beach Rio de Janeiro


    Framed between mountains covered with green vegetation, bounded by the Forts of Leme and Copacabana, Copacabana Beach is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil and one of its biggest tourist attractions. Read more »

    Ipanema Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro


    Immortalized by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Morais in his song «Garota de Ipanema» (girl from Ipanema), the 2 kilometers of coastline and soft white sand make Ipanema beach one of the favorites of the cariocas. Read more »

    Leblon Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro


    Although there is not really a separation between the beaches of Leblon and Ipanema, Leblon is a quieter beach, frequented mainly by the residents of the neighborhood and by very few tourists, since in that neighborhood there are very few hotels. Read more »

    Leme Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro


    The first beach in the southern area of Rio de Janeiro is Leme beach. It is right at the northeast end of Copacabana beach and it can be said that it is the continuation of it since there really is nothing that separates one from the other. Read more »

    Arpoador Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro


    Arpoador beach is a small beach that divides the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. The name of the Arpoador beach comes from ancient times, when it was common to see whales approaching the coast and were hunted with harpoons. Read more »

    Vermelha beach Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro

    Vermelha beach

    The Vermelha beach (red beach) is a small beach located in the Urca neighborhood, between the famous Sugar Loaf and the Babylon hill, which is located outside the tourist circuit formed by the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana. Read more »


    Other beaches of Rio de Janeiro

    Botafogo Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro

    Botafogo beach

    One of the most beautiful postal images of Rio de Janeiro is the one formed by the Sugar Loaf and the Botafogo beach, located in a cove of Guanabara Bay. The beach has a wide strip of fine white sand and a calm sea. Read more »

    Flamengo Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro

    Flamengo beach

    Flamengo beach is the first beach in the southern part of the city, located between Santos Dumont airport and Botafogo beach, its current contour is a product of the formation of Parque do Flamengo, on whose margins it is located. Read more »

    São Conrado Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro

    São Conrado beach

    The beach of São Conrado is characterized by having very high waves, which is one of the biggest attractions for surf lovers. During the weekdays the beach is almost empty and is mostly visited by residents of the Rocinha favela. Read more »

    Barra da Tijuca Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro

    Barra da Tijuca beach

    The waters of Barra da Tijuca beach are of a beautiful greenish blue color and, due to their great length, attractive tubular waves are formed ideal for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding and kitesurfing. Read more »

    Recreio dos Bandeirantes Sightseeing Rio de Janeiro

    Recreio dos Bandeirantes

    Located in the western part of the city of Rio de Janeiro, just after Barra da Tijuca beach, Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach is a white sand beach and high waves ideal for surfing and bodysurfing. Read more »

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