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    Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Rio is a city with a great artistic and cultural life, the offer of exhibitions, concerts, theater and other similar events is varied and is aimed at all audiences. Apparently, the country has proposed to encourage knowledge of art from schools, so it is not uncommon to see school groups visiting museums and cultural centers in Rio de Janeiro.



    The area of ​​the historic center is the one that concentrates the largest cultural centers, it is there on Rio Branco Avenue where the National Library is located, for example, an impressive building that houses the largest collection of books and documents in all of Latin America. A few meters ahead is the Caixa Cultural Río, a large exhibition space that also has a theater and two cinemas and does important social work for young people at risk of social exclusion.

    But the largest and that holds the title of being the most visited in the whole country is the Banco de Brasil Cultural Center. It has huge galleries for exhibitions of plastic arts, cinemas, theater and music, restaurants and a complete library, but also the neoclassical building that houses it is itself a wonder that is worth knowing. A few meters away, next to the port, other interesting exhibition halls are the Casa Francia-Brasil and the Post Office Cultural Center.

    Recently created and with the expectation of becoming one of the largest centers of artistic dissemination in the country, the City of Arts, in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, is a huge architectural complex with large galleries and rooms specially built for theatrical presentations and musicals.

    For the little ones, two very good alternatives are the visit to the Gávea Planetarium where you can see projected images of the celestial sky and learn about the universe, and the Parque das Ruinas Cultural Center, which dedicates part of its cultural programming to children.

    Main cultural centers of Rio

    National Library Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    National Library

    Located in the heart of the historic center, the National Library, together with the Municipal Theater and the Museum of Fine Arts, forms one of the most important cultural and architectural complexes in the city. Read more »

    Bank of Brazil Cultural Center Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Bank of Brazil Cultural Center

    The former headquarters of the Bank of Brazil was converted into one of the largest cultural diffusion spaces in the country, presenting a variety of artistic expressions such as theater, dance, music, film and plastic arts. Read more »

    Caixa Cultural Rio Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Caixa Cultural Rio

    A few steps away from the main tourist attractions of the City Center, the Caixa Cultural Rio is a Cultural Center that offers a wide variety of exhibitions mainly for drawing, painting and photography. Read more »

    Parque das Ruinas Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Parque das Ruinas

    The colonial house where the Cultural Center operates today and which is the heart of the Parque das Ruinas, belonged to Laurinda Santos Lobo, a very famous character in his time who was a great patron of art. Read more »

    Gávea Planetarium Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Gávea Planetarium

    The Planetarium Foundation of Rio de Janeiro also known as Planetarium of Gávea or Museum of the Universe aims to disseminate astronomy through cultural activities, interactive experiments and projections. Read more »

    Moreira Salles Institute Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Moreira Salles Institute

    Founded by the diplomat and banker Walter Moreira Salles, the Moreira Salles Institute is a private non-profit institution whose objective is the development and promotion of cultural programs in the areas of photography, literature, painting and music. Read more »

    City of Arts Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    City of Arts

    The concept of «Culture as an engine of development» was the starting point for the creation of the City of Arts in Rio de Janeiro, the largest cultural complex in the city. The imposing building is designed by Christian de Portzamparc. Read more »

    Other cultural centers of Rio

    Correios Cultural Center Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Correios Cultural Center

    The beautiful property that today houses the Post Office Cultural Center, dates from 1922 and hosted the Post Office administration and operations offices in Brazil for more than 50 years.It currently houses large exhibition spaces. Read more »

    Casa Francia Brasil Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Casa Francia Brasil

    The Casa Francia-Brasil Cultural Center is characterized by a large number of performance, as well as exhibitions and musical events, giving priority to artistic projects specially designed to be integrated into the property. Read more »

    Federal Justice Cultural Center Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Federal Justice Cultural Center

    The Federal Justice Cultural Center offers extensive programming of cinema, theater, music and conferences, as well as drawing, painting and photography exhibitions. It also has a complete library specialized in art and culture. Read more »

    Laura Alvim Culture House Cultural centers Rio de Janeiro

    Laura Alvim Culture House

    At the Laura Alvim House there is currently a theater with a capacity for 245 people, 3 cinemas where independent films are exhibited, a gallery, a small museum, a bookshop and a small café. Read more »

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