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    Sightseeing in Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro has a wide range of activities designed so that the visitor only dedicates himself to enjoy the city and leaves the procedures, organization and schedules to tourist companies with years of experience that know what the traveler needs.


    For those who like nature, nothing better than booking a jeep circuit through the Floresta da Tijuca, where you can observe the typical vegetation of Atlantic Forest and with a little luck the animals that inhabit it. If they are also sportsmen and adventurers, nothing better than choosing between the different hiking trails to make a trekking to the Peñasco Dois Irmaos, the Pedra de Gávea or the Pedra Bonita, from where they can launch into a vacuum with a tandem paragliding or wing flight delta.

    If you want a quieter but equally active ride, the options are to participate in a bicycle circuit surrounding the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon or roll with a segway along the Copacabana shore.

    Those interested in history and the old Rio de Janeiro, can sign up for a free tour walking through the historic center and if you want to delve deeper into art and culture, traditions and curiosities the best are the City Tours organized by expert guides .

    Without forgetting the social aspect, it is very interesting to take a tour of one of the favelas to know the reality in which one of four inhabitants of the city live, drive away prejudices and discover other ways of life.

    Finally, visitors looking to capture the beautiful views offered by the city cannot miss a navigation through the Guanabara Bay.

    And for those who want to have a real luxury, nothing better than enjoying an impressive and unforgettable panoramic helicopter flight over Rio.

    Types of tours in Rio de Janeiro

    City tours

    Walking between the streets of the historic center of Rio de Janeiro is to discover in each corner a piece of the city’s past and one of the best ways to get to know it is through expert guided tours. Read more «

    Bike rides

    Although the city of Rio is surrounded by mountains, most of the urbanized land is completely flat, which allows guided bicycle tours, a fairly comfortable and ecological way to explore the city. Read more «

    Jeep circuits

    A different way to get to know Rio is to circulate through the city mounted on old reconverted military jeeps. You feel the city in a more vibrant way, with the breeze on your face, and the open roof views are more complete. Read more «

    Helicopter ride

    If the view of Rio from the surface is already spectacular, when viewed from above, the impression is one hundred times greater. The best way to have this bird’s eye view is to make some of the panoramic helicopter flights. Read more «

    Nautical tourism

    The location of Rio de Janeiro in Guanabara Bay and the beautiful coastline with its kilometers of coastline, hundreds of islands and thousands of beaches invite you to sail the sea aboard a small boat, a luxurious yacht or an old sailboat. Read more «

    Ecotourism and adventure

    It may seem out of place to talk about ecological tourism and adventure in a city guide, since most cities are considered “asphalt jungles”. But in the case of Rio it is possible to enter the jungle in a matter of minutes. Read more «

    Favela tours

    The idea of ​​visiting a favela can arouse contradictory emotions and controversial comments. It is possible to think that it makes no sense to take a “tourist” walk. However, there are many reasons that encourage knowing a favela. Read more «


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